Established (year): 1992
Type: Private University
Main specialization(s): International relations|Finance and accounting |Tourism and recreation
Rector: Dr Marek Kulczycki


The Vistula University is listed within the top 10 of the best non-public Universities of the ranking by Perspektywy Magazine 2014.

  • High education level guarantees accreditation of organizations representing the international academic community:
  • International Association of Universities,
  • 17 Fields of studies provided in English
  • 1st the most international university in Poland – 43 countries of origin of our students
  • Possibility to participate in the Erasmus international students’ exchange programme in Universities from over 30 countries.
  • 1st and the only academic institution in Poland that offers a wide variety of programmes from the University of London, with academic direction from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Proprietary JOB SPOT event – where the students meet professionals
Programme LevelDuration Mode of studiesTuition Credits
ArchitectureBachelor's Programme4 yearsFull-time programme3000 €/year240 ECTS
Computer EngineeringBachelor Programme3.5 yearsFull-time programme2500 €/year210 ECTS
EconomicsBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year
Finance and accountingBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year
Finance and accountingMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme3000 €/year120 ECTS
GraphicsBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme2000 €/year180 ECTS
GraphicsMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme2000 €/year120 ECTS
Journalism and social communicationBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year180 ECTS
International relationsBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year180 ECTS
International relationsMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme3800 €/year120 ECTS
EconomicsMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year120 ECTS
Tourism and recreationBachelor Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year180 ECTS
ManagementBachelor's Programme3 yearsFull-time programme3500 €/year180 ECTS
ManagementMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme3800 €/year120 ECTS
Tourism and recreationMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme3000 €/year120 ECTS
Computer EngineeringMaster's Programme1.5 yearsFull-time programme3800 €/year90 ECTS
Energy ManagementMaster's Programme2 yearFull-time programme3400 €/year120 ECTS
English StudiesBachelor Programme3 yearsFull-time programme2000 €/year180 ECTS
English StudiesMaster's Programme2 yearsFull-time programme2000 €/year120 ECTS
Global MBAMBA1 yearFull-time programme8000 €/yearN/A
Preparatory English language course (600 hours)Non-degree programme1 yearFull-time programme2800 €/yearN/A
Preparatory English language courseNon-degree programme1 yearFull-time programme3500 €/yearN/A
Summer course of English languageNon-degree programme8 weeksFull-time programme450 €/yearN/A
Summer course of English languageNon-degree programme4 weeksFull-time programme250 €/yearN/A