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Are you looking for the best education blogs to showcase information about education?

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If you are confused about what education blogs you should be reading, then this list of the best education blogs is all you need.

As we know, education is the bedrock of society.

With proper education, we have an opportunity to bring up great leaders and build a better society. This was the premise of our ranking.

We felt it time to give recognization to a group of people who are doing all they can to tell, teach and show the best way when it comes to shinning the light on education.

Based on this and using the following social proof, authority, frequency of post and how informative the articles on the sites are, we came up with this list of the top education blogs you should be reading in 2019.


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Name: The Daring Librarian


Twitter: @GwynethJones

The Daring Librarian is a top education blog highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn about not only the present of education but also the future of education. The blog is maintained by Gwyneth Jones and is globally recognized as a leader in the education niche.



Name: NYC Educator


Twitter: @TeacherArthurG

Do you want to learn first-hand about the latest education news and stories in New York? Then the NYC educator is your preferred destination.  Maintained actively by Arthur Goldste, NYC Educator also informs the public about college preparedness and the future of education.



Name: E-Learning Queen


Twitter: @elearningqueen

E-Learning Queen is an education blog that focuses on technology-assisted learning. If you want to learn about the latest emerging technology software and its uses, then you need to visit the site. From information on distance learning to mobile solutions, you are in for a great wealth of information




Name: The Teacher and The Admin


Twitter: @teacherandadmin

Founded in 2017, The Teacher and The Admin is an education blog that believes in the fact that if we train the kids well, they will grow into happy and prepared people who can change their world one at a time. The Teacher and The Admin site share their experience in the field of education with the practical experience from the classroom.




Name: Gradebook



Gradebook is a one-stop education site for almost everyone. You can learn how to upgrade your skills or simply get your hands on different resources which is useful for parents, counselors, and librarians. Although founded by Sandy Arroyo, the site’s content is contributed by a lot of certified educators.




Name: Ask A Teacher


Twitter: @askatechteacher

Ask A Teacher s an education blog that is powered by a group of technology teacher who provides information, reviews and tech tips that a lot of other educators will need and appreciate. Check out the site and read Murray’s (who also is the founder) tech tips every week.




Name: Education Coffee Break


Twitter: @EdCoffeeBreak

Education Coffee Break blog covers a lot of education tips, ideas, and resources for the primary grade level. On the site, you will find an update about the latest maths guide, ELA, technology preparation and classroom organization and behavior.




Name: Teachers Lounge Chat


Twitter: @

Teacher Lounge Chat is a platform built for teachers to get their voice and opinion heard about a lot of issues affecting education.  Also on the platform, you will find a lot of resources and educational articles that are quite useful for educators.




Name: David Justin



An education consultant, David Justin brings his 15 years of experience as an education consultant and shares this wealth of information on this blog. On the blog, you will find information on how to help your kid achieve better results in their academics.




Name: TiePlay Educational Resources



TiePlay Educational Resources provides a lot of kid-friendly tools and resources for educators who work with kids over 14 years. The site is truly a one-stop spot for all things related to your kid’s educational development.




Name: The NeverEnding Search


Twitter: @joycevalenza

Joyce Valenca brings her wealth of experience as a librarian in providing information for librarians and educators on this site.  From technology, library issues and best practices on education policies, this site is a must read for everyone interested in the education industry.




Name: Polka Dotted Teacher


Twitter: @Jayce1981

A technology coach, Jessica teaches the effective use of technology in the classroom and how to leverage it to create fun and interactive lessons. You can see the impact of this once you land on the site as it is fun and interesting. Definitely worth checking out.




Name: ProfHackers


Twitter: @jbj

Get productivity tips, technology update and integration from this highly recommended site by Jason B Jones




Name:  Stories from Schools


Twitter: @WACSTP

Keep up to date with current news, stories, and topics that affect everyday teacher. However, if you are also interested in some inspiring stories about teachers who are really touching lives, you will find them all on this blog.




Name: Teach Mama


Twitter: @teachmama

Teach Mama blog helps today’s busy parent become better teachers for their kids. Amy Masscot shares expert tips on maths, science, literacy and provide incredible insight in a fun and loving way that parents will love.



Name: Parent Schoolkits



Parent Schoolkits is produced by NBC News Learn and offers numerous resources and news covering education from a wide range of angles.





Name: Fractus Learning


Twitter: @FractusLearning

Fractus Learning is a team of educators who are sharing their techniques, tools and tops with other educators and parents.



Name: Parent Cue


Twitter: @theparentcue

Parent Cue covers shares posts related to grade level from Preschool to high school. You will find a lot of lesson on how to build courage, prepare for graduation and other topics that are not taught in the classroom




Name: PBS Parents


Twitter: @PBSKIDS

Written by a team of contributors with great experience in the education space, the blog shares practical topics including topics such as math, science, reading & language, music & arts, learning disabilities, and homeschooling.



Name: Real Life At Home


Twitter: @RealLifeatHome

Real Life at Home is a site run by Angie Kauffman and shares her real-life experience as a stay at home mom, homeschooling three kids. She offers real-life practical tips and there is not a shortage of great resources for learning on the blog.



Name: Ditch That Textbook


Twitter: @jmattmiller

This is a blog by Matt Miller, a former newspaper reporter turned Spanish teacher. He wrote a book with the same title as his blog, where he basically advise teacher on revolutionising their teaching. His aim is to get teachers to go from the conventional to the unconventional by not going strictly by the textbook but infusing technology and customised style that fit the students.



Name: Daily Edventures


Twitter: @MicrosoftEDU

Daily Edventures is the brain-child of Anthony Salcito, the Vice President of Education for Microsoft Corporation’s Worldwide Public Sector. Due to his work for Microsoft, he was able to witness some of the great works of global heroes in education. And his blog is dedicated to celebrating these heroes.  You find accomplished educators throughout the world featured on his blog as a way of celebrating their contribution to education.



Name: New Hanover County Schools (NHCS);


Twitter: @NewHanoverCoSch

Handled by Dr. Tim Markley, the NHCS Superintendent, the blog is the site of the schools in the Hanover County. And the blog features the activities of the county concerning the schools in the area. There are news and information on what the superintendent and all the other executives are doing as it concerns the schools in the county.



Name: Urban Education Mixtape:


Twitter: @UrbanEdDJ

It is a blog for teachers but mostly concentrated on blacks and Latinos. The owner, Rann Miller, who is an educator, writes the posts and they are usually relevant pieces that any teacher will find useful in the classroom and in education as a whole except for those that were streamlined to focus on blacks and Latinos. But generally, it is an informative blog for teacher across board.



Name: Learn Lead Grow


Twitter: @mattbergman14

Founded by Matt Bergman, a K-12 Learning Technologies Specialist, the blog is an information hub for teachers. Matt shares his experiences as an educator as a way of helping other teachers with their classroom strategies in order to make their job easier.



Name:  Cloaking Inequity


Twitter: @ProfessorJVH

The blog is owned by Julian Vasquez Heilig, who is an award-winning teacher, researcher, and blogger. Presently, he is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and the Director of the Doctorate in Educational Leadership at California State University Sacramento and also functions as the California NAACP Education Chair. Cloaking Inequity is focused on social justice in the educational sector. The educational sector should be one place where there are no inequalities but that is not the case. The blog, therefore, seeks to expose and give information on it. If you are passionate about issues of social justice, then this is the blog for you.




Name: JoolamLMS ELearning Blog:


Twitter: @joomlalms

The world is going technological and so, most things are not simply done in the traditional way again. Technological advancements have been used to make most things easier. This is the basis for eLearning. At JoolamLMS eLearning blog, businesses are taught to use the ELearning components to conduct training, teach, conduct ecommerce projects and build a strong business. The platform has been in existence since 2006 and since then, being able to provide eLearning solutions to clients.



Name: Bright Classroom Ideas


Twitter: @BrightClassIdea

Teaching is an art and therefore, should be learnt. Many are very knowledgeable but lack the skills to pass the knowledge across – which is basically what teaching is. The blog is thus, there for the teacher and educators to learn how to be better in the classroom. The blog comes with excellent ideas, tips and information from different experienced contributors that will help you become a better teacher in the classroom.




Name: Education Coffee Break


Twitter: @EdCoffeeBreak

Education Coffee Break is an educational blog that is first very attractive for the design of the blog. The fact that the set-up, theme and design of the blog is pleasant to the eye is a good reason to check it out in the first place. However, it is a blog that will be useful to educators, teachers or just education enthusiast because the blog is filled with useful tips, ideas, information and data that will be useful for a teacher. Coming from an experienced teacher, you get to get information on teacher-student relationship, classroom management and organisation, and even insights on some subjects like maths.



Name: Digital Learning by Mark Pegrum


Twitter: @OzMark17

As the name implies, it is a blog for digital learning enthusiasts. Mark Pegrum, the founder, is an associate professor in the Graduate School of Education at The University of Western Australia in Perth. He is also the Deputy Head of School (International), with responsibility for overseeing their offshore programmes and international connections. He specialises in digital technologies in education, with a particular focus on mobile learning in his courses. Through his blog, he shares his knowledge on digital technologies in education, so it is a go to place for more insight on digital learning.



Name: PenPencilEraser


Twitter: @PenPencilEraser

Having such a unique name, the website caters to school administrators for effective school administration. On the website, they are described as “your smart online school management system,” offering “secured, comprehensive, dynamic, integrated and smart school management software for effective control.” In simply terms, it is software that school management can trust to help them run every aspect of the school, to help have a better and improved school environment.



Name: Emerging EdTech


Twitter: @EmergingEdTech

Founded by Kelly Walsh, Emerging EdTech is a blog that focuses on technology as it touches education. Technology has an effect of practically everything in this millennium, including education. Kelly Walsh is the CIO at The College of Westchester in White Plains, New York and he also teaches as a member of the Faculty of Administration. So he is in education and he uses the blog to interact with technologically savvy community of people, especially as it concerns using it to improve on education.



Name: Milton Hershey School


Twitter: @miltonhershey

The website is the official website of Milton Hershey School, where information and news about the school is given. In existence for over 100 years, the school provides an opportunity for income-eligible families to send their wards to top-notch educational environment from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. Although cost-free, the school, located in Hershey, PA, offers opportunities for hands-on learning, after-school homework hours and individualized attention from experienced teachers. Perhaps, the greatest attraction to the school is the fact that they believe every child deserves the best education irrespective of their family background.




Name: Resourceaholic


Twitter: @mathsjem

The subject that many students probably run from is mathematics and all the various derivatives that it is called in various countries. For some reason, the love for the subject eludes many students and they believe it is an insurmountable subject. The onus is therefore, on the maths teacher to find a way to make the students enjoy the subject enough to do well in it. That is where Resourceaholic comes in. It is a blog providing resource materials, ideas and information on how to teach secondary school mathematics.



Name: Classroom 2.0


Twitter: @liveclass20

Classroom 2.0 offers ideas and tips on how to manage and organize a classroom as well as trainings on the best methods to teach. The resource materials are not simply provided in written articles, but also webinars, videos and even live conferences to make it interesting to learn. Knowing how to teach is as important as knowing what to teach. And class management and organization is also as important in imparting knowledge, so it is a good blog for teachers and educators.



Name: Web 2.0 Connected Classroom



The blog is owned by Steven W. Anderson, Speaker, Author and as he describes himself, Educational Evangelist. Steven has worked as a Teacher, Instructional Technologist, and Director of Instructional Technology, as well consultant with educators around the world, teaching them to understand technology and social media as it relates to education. The blog is therefore a reflection of the work he does normally. The blog provides insight on how to harness technology for effective learning.



Name: SAIS


Twitter: @SAISnews

SAIS stands for Southern Association of Independent Schools. The website is the official website of the association, an organisation consisting of over 375 independent K-12 schools, representing over 200,000 students, with a virtual staff of 9. The organisation was established to help Southern independent schools attain excellence by providing high quality accreditation processes, complete specialized growth opportunities, and visionary leadership advancement programs. The website features all information on them, their activities and events.




Name: Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning



It is a definitely not your professional blog but more of a lecture room, except in this case, it is online. The website is an extension of Dr. Ray Patore’s course, Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning. Dr. Pastore is a professor of Education at Bloomsburg University. The professor has taken his class beyond the conventional classroom to teach on practical technologies that improve teaching and learning process. So, even without enrolling to the school, you can enjoy learning as well from this great opportunity.



Name: Edtech for Beginners:


Twitter: @edtechneil

A lot more people are beginning to see the importance of educational technology, especially in this technological savvy world, but it is hard for them to get on the train because they do not know how to start. That is why the blog is here to help beginners with all they need getting started on educational technology. Neil Jarrett, who is the founder, year 6 leader at an international school in Shanghai, China and a recently Google Certified Educator. So if you need to learn about using technology to improve learning, you are in a good place.



Name: The Educator:


Twitter: @TheEducator_UK/

The joy of every educator is to have a career in education and be able to do their part in imparting knowledge to the younger generation. The Educator is definitely a place to visit if you are a young graduate looking to further a career in education or even and experienced educator that is looking for more challenges. The blog offers career advice and resources that will help you in furthering your career as well as job vacancies. The website also has provision for those who want to keep up to date with news and information in the educational sector.



Name: Neale Wade Academy



Neale Wade Academy is an active learning trust school in the United Kingdom. The school makes it a priority that the students receive a full and varied education in a safe and secure environment. Being the official website of the school, the website provides information on the school, their students, careers and all the news and information on the school.



Name: Campus Hunt


Twitter: @CampusHunt_in

Finding the right university and the right course of study can be quite tasking because making decisions does not always come easy to most but also because that decision can affect how your career will turn out after school. The team at campus hunt help students plan their future by offering counselling and advice on career choices and even help them get into the choice higher institutions. If you are a student or even a parent who wants to be involved, then this is a good blog to visit in order to help you make informed choices.



Name: Teaching and Learning Guru



As the name implies, Teaching and Learning Guru is a go to place to learn from experts on teaching and learning. The platform is founded by Andy, who has over 12 years experience being a teacher. He shares his experience with other teachers on teaching and learning, leadership, Edtech, managing teacher workload and more. So, there is a lot to learn the guru(s). Also, there is provision for guest posts, so if you have knowledge that would help other teachers, you should visit the blog for that.




Name: Indiana University


Twitter: @IUBloomington

Boosting of a well-rounded student life, according to their website, Indiana University provides a wonderful experience of what college should be like, and the endless opportunities that come with it; top-ranked academics, awe-inspiring faculty, dynamic campus life, international culture, phenomenal music and arts events. The website is the official website of the school, featuring all one needs to know about the school.



Name: Rutgers Center for Effective School Practices


Twitter: @Rutgerscesp

CESP is affiliated with Rutgers University, the state University of New Jersey. The Center offers technical assistance to different organisations including schools and government agencies to ensure the implementation of research into best practices and build the capacity of professionals to engage in informed decision-making that is based on research and data. The website documents information on the Center as well as their activities.




Name: Teach Thought


Twitter: @teachthought

Based on their caption that says, “we grow teachers,” the blog is focused on teaching teachers good methods of teaching. The platform is founded by Terry Heick, a former classroom teacher who is interested in innovation in teaching, especially as it concerns K-12. If you are a teacher of the mentioned grades, then you should visit the site to learn teaching through thought leadership, resource curation and curriculum development among others.




Name: MultiBriefs Exclusive Articles


Twitter: @MultiBriefs

The website provides industry-specific news and information. If you are a member of an industry or association and you need information on your specific industry, then this blog is for you. For example, as an educator or education enthusiast, you will also find news and information based on education that will suit you. As a leader of an educational industry or any other industry for that matter, instead of scouting all over the internet for news for your members, this blog has got you covered.



Name: November Learning:


Twitter: @nlearning

November Learning seeks to change the way people think about education. Founded by Alan November, an educator with close to 40 years experience, the platform consist of other passionate educators and school leaders, who desire to inspire educators to look beyond the usual, normal or ordinary in education. By visiting the website, you get to learn about empowered learning and teaching and have a better teaching experience.



Name: The Jack Phan Daily


Twitter: @jackphan

Jack Phan, who is the founder, is an entrepreneur and C-Level Executive who has founded several start-ups with exits as founder, investor and advisor. Jack Phan has over 20 years experience in executive leadership, product development, digital marketing and operations. The blog is his way of sharing the knowledge he has acquired for all these years. The website is like a daily but in this case, you get information on different subjects ranging from business, leadership, science to technology.



Name: St. Cloud State University


Twitter: @scsu

Located between downtown St. Cloud and Beaver Island, a group of over 30 islands on the Mississippi River, St. Cloud State University is ranked among America’s Top Colleges by Forbes. One thing the school stands out for is the hands-on learning experience through community engagement in order to prepare students for actual life and work outside school. The website is the official website of the school, where you find all the information you need about the school.




Name: Programming Librarian



Programming Librarian is the website of the American Library Association Public Programs Office and they promote cultural and community programming as a vital part of library service. The website was set up to cater to library professionals in order to share, learn and be motivated to offer excellent programming to their communities. As a librarian or library professional, the website will be useful for getting resources and ideas on community programming.




Name: Teach 4 the Heart:


Twitter: @LindaKardamis

As the name implies, the website is a place where you will find inspiration to teach from your heart. Faith based, you learn and get ideas and inspiration that you need to move on and overcome some of the frustrations that sometimes comes with teaching. No matter how much we enjoy our passions, sometimes, it just gets too overwhelming, if you want to be energized with positivity in times like that, then this blog is for you.



Name: Reed City Area Public Schools



This is an association or organisation of the public schools in Reed City Area. The purpose of the association is to ensure high-quality educational opportunities that egg on all the students to reach their highest potential and cultivate talents in an environment that connects students, school and community. The website is the official website that features the information, activities and events of Reed City Area Public Schools.



Name: Fractus Learning


Twitter: @FractusLearning

Fractus Learning is a website comprising of a group of expert educators, who have all had years of experience teaching and seek to pass the knowledge they have garnered across. The website concentrates on providing information, tips, ideas, resource materials and insight on teaching and relating with students from Kindergarten to the 12th grade. It is not only useful for teachers of these grades but parents as well who have wards in these grades.



Name: Jessica Lahey



The founder, Jessica Lahey, is the author of an educational book, titled, “The Gift of Failure: How the Best Parents Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed.” Her blog features tips, information and insight on how to manage children as parents. She also has personal experiences of her adventures as well as news on government policies and happenings concerning education and children. Whether you are a parent or teacher, you will find her blog useful and even if you simply want to relax and read about someone else’s experiences, there is something for you.




Name: ELearning Industry


Twitter: @elearnindustry

ELearning is a network-based media and publishing company consisting of an online community of eLearning professionals. Founded in 2012, the platform was created in order to help eLearning professionals and instructional designers share knowledge and connect in a safe online community where they can stay up to date with the latest industry news and technologies, as well as find projects or jobs. It is a useful community for eLearning professional to join or simply to visit to read up.




Name: We are Teachers


Twitter: @WeAreTeachers

We are Teachers is an online media brand for teachers by teachers. The platform seeks to inspire teachers and help them be the best at their craft by providing them with tips, practical ideas, information, advice and even humour. According to the website, they are like “virtual teacher’s lounge where you can find support and encouragement from your colleagues, a great idea for your next reading or math lesson and a laugh when you need it.”



Name: Free Technology for Teachers


Twitter: @rmbyrne

Teachers are not left out of the technological trends that have visited the world in this era. The blog is founded by Richard Byrne, a former high school social studies teacher, award winning blogger and a Google Certified Teacher. The blog provides resource materials to help teachers in their teaching. It also provides insight into using technology correctly to improve student engagement and achievement.



Name: Edutopia


Twitter: @edutopia

Edutopia is the website of George Lucas Educational Foundation. Among other things, they collaborate with university partners and research firms to identify best practices towards education. So, the blog is a channel whereby they feature their researches on the best practices and innovations in education in order to inspire all who are involved in education; parents, teachers, students, education administrators and policy makers to change education for the better. The website is friendly for all, especially if you are connected or passionate about the state of education.




Name: Discovery Education:



Discovery Education is a resource place for finding digital content for Kindergarten to the 12th grade. You find standard and award-winning digital textbooks and multimedia contents for your students to improve personal development. Whether you are a student, parent or teacher of these grades, then this website will be useful to you to acquaint you with digital materials that will help you discover the world.




Name: The DonorsChoose Blog


Twitter: @DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose is a charity organisation focused on helping teachers meet their needs for their classrooms and help fulfil classroom projects. The brainchild of Charles Best, a teacher at a Bronx public high school, the website was set up for teachers to post classroom projects requests and donors can pick the one they want to donate to. It is a way of helping these classrooms and ultimately building the future of the students. The blog features tips for project, student thank-you notes and success stories that will inspire you.




Name: National Geographic


Twitter: @natgeo

Popular as a Television station focused on the world and the various components that make up the world, including animals, plants, mountains among others. The website of National Geographic features educators and explorers. There is a provision for providing grants as well as several resource materials including live video conversations with explorers to educators in order to help them inspire the their students to explore challenges and discover solutions within the four walls of the classroom and beyond.




Name: Pearson


Twitter: @pearson

At Pearson, it is believed that in a fast-changing world, education is the key to success. Therefore, they desire their quota in helping promote and improve education. The website offers tools, content, news and information, products, and services designed to help people adapt to the fast-paced world, steer its challenges and opportunities, in order to make progress in their lives, whether as educators themselves or to move on to other careers.




Name: Twinkl Educational Publishing


Twitter: @twinklresources

The platform is like a community of like-minded people in education where you can have access to all forms of resource materials to help your teaching experiences. Subscribing to be a member means having access to different resource materials including craft ideas, display materials, lesson planning, and assessments as well as listening ears to help improve your teaching.




Name: Teaching Channel


Twitter: @teachingchannel

Teaching Channel is a forum for teachers where they can find other teachers and in an environment where they can learn, connect, share and inspire one another to be better teachers. It is an interactive platform that allows teachers teach one another about all they need to help every student grow and ultimately, improve education.





Name: Educational Technology and Mobile Learning


Twitter: @medkh9

As the name implies, it is a website that provides tips, information, research, and all other technological resources that will help teachers in this technologically driven world. There are many technological innovations that can help improve the teachings of teachers, make it better or at least help them relate to their technologically savvy students of this generation. This website is a good place to find ideas on how to infuse technology into teaching to improve classroom experience.





Name: Ed Surge:


Twitter: @edsurge

Ed Surge is like your typical go to place for news and information about technology and education. The website offers up to date resources to help people who use, implement, manage edtech to understand better the role of technology in education as well as learn of any innovation or news and information about edtech.





Name: Faculty Focus


Twitter: @facultyfocus

Faculty Focus is a website for the college classroom. A lot of focus is given to k-12 or high school and not much is given to a college classroom. Luckily, Faculty Focus is here to provide the college professor with tips, ideas and insight on effective teaching strategies for his classroom in order to improve his teaching and the learning experience of the students.


There are tons of educators out there that teaches and speaks about education and we are always happy to showcase them. If you like to consider your blog for consideration or you know a blog you want to add to the list, then send your requirement to us

Which education blog do you follow?

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