Top 100 Career Blogs You Follow in 2019

Here is the deal: If you are looking for career blogs to read, where do you go?

I know you might go to Google and type in top career blog or something like “career advice”.

The challenge with this is that you get a list of site ranging from the good to the not so good.

But what if you want only the creme la creme of the industry?

Then this is the ultimate resource you need.

If you are looking for a list of the top career blogs that you should bookmark and read, then in this post, we are going to walk you through the best career blogs.

Let’s jump in.

PS: Congratulations to all our winners and here is a badge to show off your award. If you think we missed a blog that should be on this list, please do not hesitate to send us an

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  1. Ace Your Interview

As the name indicates, Ace Your Interview is that website that you certainly want to visit when you have an interview and you absolutely most ace it. The highly-skilled President, Victoria LoCascio and the rest of the qualified team are at your disposal to provide all the information you need about landing your dream job.


  1. Career Impressions

Meet Adrienne Tom, a certified professional resume writer with over 10 years experience. The founder of Career Impressions, she uses her garnered experiences over the years to guide you as you make career decisions and also take actions to getting your dream career. Career Impressions provides you with all the support you need as it relates to career.


  1. CareerMetis 

Drawing from the term, Metis, which means, “wise” or “skill” or” craft” from Greek mythology, CareerMetis aims to provide a wise counsellor to job seekers. A brainchild of Nissar Ahamed, the blog offers all information that you need as a job seeker or freelancer in landing your dream job, growing in your career path and generally, shaping your career.


  1. The Voice of Job Seekers

This is a career advice blog and podcast founded by Mark Anthony Dyson. As the name implies, the website serves as the voice of job seekers. The career consultant and the career advice writer answers the deep cry of job seekers by helping them find a career and solve their job search problems.


  1. Thrive Yard 

Founded in August 2016 by Duncan Muguku, the blog serves as the website that provides all you need to thrive in your chosen career. The author uses infographics, blog articles, videos and slide presentation to provide direction targeted towards ensuring career success. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he provides in-depth resources on everything career-related.


  1. Career Designs

Believing that we can design a career that will allow us to live a life we are happy with, Erin Moody founded Career Design to encourage someone that it is possible and we all can achieve it. With a wealth of experience in Human Resources, she uses her blog to coach job seekers on making better career choices.


  1. Mac’s List

Created by Mac Prichard in 2001, the blog seeks to bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters. The blog, which started as an email list, is now a major platform for job seekers in the Pacific Northwest. If you stay in this area, you should frequently visit the blog for information on the job vacancies to direct you in your job search.


  1. Nielsen Career Consulting

Existing for more than two decades, Nielsen Career Consulting is a consulting blog that provides all that has to do with career. The blog is the brainchild of Sheila Markin Nielsen and she uses her over 30 years experience as a career coach to provide guidance and direction to job search and career path.


  1. Upgrade my Interview

The blog was founded by Shea on the understanding that it is important to not just have a career but to have one that you actually enjoy. Upgrade my Interview is a go-to website if you fall into the category of people who want to upgrade their career and therefore, ace their interview.


  1. Find my Profession

As the name implies, Find my Profession is a blog that bothers about helping you find a profession. They do this by providing you with all the resources you need to achieve your dream career. For instance, highly skilled and experienced resume writers who fit different industries are available to help you write a befitting resume to ease your job search.


  1. Tammy’s library

It is usually said that readers and leaders. This means that the kind of books you read have a direct impact on our lives. Knowing this, Tammy has provided access to her library to help you on your journey to finding purpose. She has suggested books on different topics including career, job search, entrepreneurship, health, finance, and self-publishing amongst others.


  1. Ms Career Girl

If you are a woman who has a desire to succeed in the professional world and have a purposeful career, then this blog is for you. Ms Career Girl is the blog for young professional women who have ambition and therefore, want to find passion in their profession and vice versa.


  1. Interview Coach

Do you want to get hired, get promoted and earn more? Then the Interview Coach, Margaret Buj is here for you. Having done this for over 12 years, Margaret uses her blog to help professionals find their unique selling point and create a strategy that would help them reach their career goals.


  1. Writing Guru

The brainchild of Wendi Weiner, Attorney and Award-winning writer, the blog is a go-to place for attorneys, top business leaders and executives exclusively to create a personal brand that would help them compete favourably in the highly competitive labour market. This is a platform for you if you fall into this category and need professional help.


  1. Chameleon Resume

Do you want a career transformation? Do you want to get hired? Do you want to get noticed? Chameleon Resume is the place to be. The website is a platform that provides professional services to help you bag your dream job. You get experts to help you with personal branding of your resume and even on LinkedIn to get you noticed by the right people.


  1. Copeland Coaching

Angela Copeland, the founder of Copeland Coaching, has over 10 years experience coaching job seekers. You can find coaching on every aspect and stage of the search, including resume and cover writing, interview follow up, creative job seeking, networking, personal branding and development, interview skills, career choice, and negotiation strategy amongst others.


  1. Mary Elizabeth Bradford

This is a career blog founded by Mary Elizabeth Bradford, one of the top CXO executive resume writers in the world. With her team of TORI-award-winning and CMRW/CERW-Certified career experts, the platform specialises in executive resumes, such as  CEO resume, COO resume, CMO resume, CISO resume, CFO resume and CTO resume amongst others.

  1. Career Geek

As the name implies, Career Geek caters to job seekers as well as even employees in all matters of career. The blog provides different resources, such as blog article on career issues, resume template, job search ebook, cover letter template, Europass CV template, a guide to online job application forms to help you achieve your dream career.


  1. Career Sherpa

Career Sherpa is the blog that provides help for job seekers in the digital age. With her experience and based on research, she coaches job seekers on everything job search, including online visibility, social networking, personal branding and unique resume that can stand out in the midst of stiff competition amongst others.


  1. Work It Daily

Using her over 28 years of experience as an HR professional and Career Expert, J.T O’Donnell helps many achieve their career goals. She teaches on getting the proper knowledge, skills and confidence as well as providing different services such as resume and cover letter writing, networking and LinkedIn profile assessments to reach one’s dream career.


  1. Ask a Manager 

Allison Green was the chief of staff of a non-profit where she managed hiring, firing, promoting and other staff issues. As an experienced manager, she has decided to share the knowledge she has garnered all those years through her blog. You get to learn from her successes and mistakes as both an employee and employer.


  1. Squiggly Careers

Squiggly Careers by Amazing If is a good place to start if you desire a good job that you are also happy at but have no idea where to start. The podcast and blog articles hosted and written by Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper provide tips, tools and techniques on how to make better career choices.


  1. Personal Branding Blog

The market place is getting really competitive and there are just so many resumes and CVs that recruiters need to go through every day. This is why it is important for your resume to stand out. Personal Branding Blog provides you with the tips, information and services you need to stand out through personal branding.


  1. Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is the platform for finding some of the best candidates or employees for your companies and where job seekers can find jobs. It is also a good place for both recruiters and job seekers or employees to learn how to work together in the work environment as well where applicants can learn what employers are seeking.


  1. Classy Career Girl

Classy Career Girl was founded in 2010 as a good platform for ambitious and professional women. As a woman who wants to achieve success, this blog is a good start for you to learn tips and get access to information that would help you find a job or create a business that would make you happy.


  1. Career Sidekick

As the name implies, Career Sidekick is your career assistant helping you feel confident enough to achieve your career goals.  Created by Executive Recruiter and Author, Biron Clark in June 2013, the blog provide assistance to job seekers so they can get noticed by top employers and land their enviable dream jobs.


  1. The Careers Blog, University of Warwick

The blog is overseen by the staff of Student Careers and Skills of the University of Warwick. Although most contents are from the staff, contents are accepted from students and recruiters. The blog caters to students of all levels on different career-related matters that they are bound to face after graduation.


  1. Zety Blog

Established in 2016, Zety prides itself as your ultimate career toolbox that you should fix your career. The platform provides a good place to start if you are looking for a professional online resume builder and professional career tips, information and advice for free in order to build the future you dream of.


  1. Career Blog, University of Denver

The Career Blog of the University of Denver is the go-to blog for students and the general community of the school when it comes to issues concerning career. The blog gives information on employers, internships, full-time job and tips to help you search for jobs effectively as well as tips to help you navigate in the labour market.


  1. Talent and Careers, IE Business School

IE Business School Career Blog caters to students and alumni of the school by providing them with the necessary tools to help them as they proceed with their careers after graduation. Drawing from their resources as well as their expertise, the staff provides all the necessary tools to help you achieve your career dreams.


  1. Jobscan

The founder of Jobscan, James Hu experienced frustration as a job seeker when he went job hunting in 2013. He learned then that recruiters used an automated system to filter resumes using certain keywords. Based on this knowledge, he has decided to teach other job seekers to tailor their resume for each application in order to land more job interviews.


  1. WayUp 

Getting a job can be quite difficult for job seekers who are fresh out of college because many organisations are probably seeking for job seekers with experience. That is why WayUp was created, it is a forum where entry-level job seekers are connected with employers and also get help uncovering many right opportunities.


  1. Hired

Hired is a career or job market place for job seekers in the tech industry to find employers. The platform connects tech talents with tech companies by providing career counselling, transparency into remuneration, career opportunities and job details. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Hired has established itself as a successful career marketplace.


  1. Freesumes 

Freesumes has so much to offer in terms of landing the perfect job. The platform offers resume services such as designing the resume, for free based on their belief that everybody deserves a good job despite their financial status. You also have access to different resources, tips and information to get you started on landing your dream job.


  1. Careers in Music

There have been career blogs for different industries and categories, Careers in Music was established to cater to the musical talents. The platform provides information, tips and advice on all career-related matters, as it relates to music. There is also information on music schools to help you establish yourself as a great musician.


  1. Laowai Career 

Laowai means “foreigner” in China and therefore, Laowai Career caters to the foreigners in China. For a country as large as China, it can be very difficult for a foreigner to navigate as it concerns finding a job. So, Yuri Khlystov, the founder, has taken the time to help foreigners by serving as the middle man to connect the foreigners with career opportunities in China.


  1. Resumonk

Many people ignore the unconventional experiences they have garnered while building their resume because they think it doesn’t count. Resumonk is here to help you build a befitting resume that would put together all relevant experience you have garnered over the years to help you get the attention of potential employers.


  1. Career Builder 

As the name implies, Career Builder is a good place to start when you want to build your career. Existing for over 20 years, the platform employs data and technology to change the dynamics of human capital management. They provide technological solutions to help employers find, hire and manage the right talent as well as help talents find the right jobs.


  1. How 2 Become

How 2 Become was established in 2005 and since then, it has established itself as one of Uk’s leading careers and educational information and development website. Throughout the years of experience, they have been able to help job seekers write a befitting CV, fill an application form and successfully pass job tests.


  1. Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk can be described as a serial entrepreneur; she built four start-ups, which she built focusing on community. Her blog is a platform to learn from on different matters relating to having a career and education. She also provides 1-on-1 coaching as well as online courses that will help you in your career.


  1. Job Mob

Job Mob is the job seeker’s resource center. Sometimes, the difference between the job seeker who got employed and the one who didn’t is access to the right information. Therefore, this blog is here to provide the right and extensive information that you need to know as a job seeker to ease your job search.


  1. Blog was first launched as a job board in 2001. However, it has experienced an evolution since then because, in 2017, it partnered with MyJobMatcher to create a different platform. Now, utilises technological models such as AI matching tech and smart contracts on blockchain amongst others to disrupt traditional recruitment.


  1. Careers Shifters

It is not just enough to have a good career, it is equally important to be happy at one’s job. The belief in Career Shifters is that life’s too short to be unhappy at work. This is why Career Shifters is here to inspire and guide people who are feeling unmotivated at their present career and seeking a career change.


  1. Great Resume Fast

Jessica Hernandez uses her over 12 years experience in human resources, recruiting and hiring to create a resume for job seekers that would guarantee an interview. Showing dedication to her clients, she and her team of highly-qualified executive resume writers ensure that you get the resume that would land you your dream job.


  1. AvidCareerist 

AvidCareerist is the blog for job seekers to get executive search advice and information they need that would help them save time, look good and get hired. Donna Svei, the founder of AvidCareerist, is an executive resume writer, who has taken the time to help job seekers with her wealth of experience.


  1. Buddy Mantra

This career blog provides you will all the resource articles that would get you started as you start your career journey. The blog also offers specific colleges that are excellent in specific courses. So, in essence, Buddy Mantra helps you on your career journey right from the start of even the college you attend.


  1. Bubble

Bubble is a career advice blog where you find pieces of advice to help you in your job search so you can land your dream job and the future you envision. There is also provision for job seekers to search for jobs through the job board that provides job vacancy across different industries.


  1. Debut

Debut is a career-oriented blog that deals with all issues that are career-related. There are resource articles for employers, employees, job seekers and even students. The information is tailored towards making job seekers employable, creating a conducive work environment for both employees and employers to achieve productivity and also help students get through university.


  1. Career Igniter 

Career Igniter is a career advice blog with career articles that ranges from interview strategies, resume and cover letter writing tips, job search tips as well as networking advice. The platform also provides information on hiring trends and workplace tips to help you get your dream job and find happiness at work.


  1. Careers Done Write 

Debra Wheatman, the President of Careers Done Write, and her team of professionally-certified resume writers provide tips and insight into career-related issues. They provide different topics on career motivation, job market trends, job search strategies, professional branding and networking strategies amongst others that will give you a good head start in your job search.


  1. Vocation Village 

A brainchild of Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Vocation Village is a career blog where you find resource material to help you achieve workplace satisfaction and success.


  1. Jibber Jobber

Jibber Jobber is the career blog that helps you organise your job search through the help of professional coaches.


  1. Career Pivot

Do you want to repurpose your career and experience career pivot? Career Pivot is the right place to be for that.


  1. Career Enlightenment

Founded by writer and author, Joshua Waldman, the platform is a professional career advice blog for job seekers.


  1. Career Advancement Blog 

As the name implies, Joel Garfinkle, the founder, helps you advance your career with his wealth of experience.


  1. Gen Y Girl 

This blog shows you all you need to know to be productive as an adult, including tips on entrepreneurship and career.


  1. The Chief Happiness Officer

Read from Alexander Kjerulf on tips and information on how to find happiness at work as an employer or employee.


  1. Elite Resumes

Get professional help from Elite Resumes in writing an elite resume that will guarantee you land a big interview.


  1. Melissa IIarena 

This blog provides extensive information on career matters including networking strategy, hiring strategy and salary negotiation amongst others.


  1. Career Trend 

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter offers her more than 20 years of experience as a master resume writer to deliver executive resume services.


  1. Interview IQ 

Founded by Karalyn Brown, a former recruitment consultant, Interview IQ is a career blog that provides smarter ways to find a job.


  1. Feather Communications

Feather Communications caters to businesses by providing them with marketing strategies, customised training and writing solutions.


  1. Things Career Related

This is a platform that addresses all things career-related, such as job search strategies, LinkedIn and networking strategies.


  1. Corn on the Job

Corn on the Job is a blog that provides resource articles for job seekers.


  1. Career Alley

This blog is here for you to find your best job and build your dream career.


  1. Canada Jobs 

Canada Jobs caters to all things career, including resume for freshers, free resume samples, resume templates as well as job vacancies.


  1. Kathy Caprino

Through her blog, Kathy Caprino leads you on your way to build a successful career that brings you bliss.


  1. My Lifestyle Career

Nancy Collamer, the founder of this blog, is a semi-retirement expert that provides insight into designing a meaningful second act after retirement.


  1. May Busch

This platform provides career tips, information and advice to accelerate your success in career and life.


  1. Wolfgang Career Coaching

A division of Coaching 4 Good, the blog offers tips on career matter including career management, career counselling and job interviews amongst others.


  1. When I Grow Up

The blog offers creative women with tips to discover, launch and build a lucrative business.


  1. Punched Clocks

Sarah Landrum, the founder of Punched Clocks, is a career expert who uses her years to experience to offer career advice to help you create the career you love.


  1. Professional Resume Services 

The blog caters to career-related matters and also provides exclusive executive resumes.


  1. Job Jenny

Job Jenny provides expert coaches to help your job search and build your career.


  1. University of Manchester Career Blog 

The blog of the University of Manchester provides the latest career news and other career-related issues, for students especially.


  1. GradSiren 

GradSiren caters mostly to college students and recent graduates to help them reach their career goals.


  1. Executive Career Brand

The blog helps you create a personal brand that defines, differentiates and positions you for executive jobs.


  1. Hallie Crawford

Hallie Crawford provides career coaching to help you create your career path and reach your career goals.


  1. Algrim co

This blog is good to get you started as you prepare for your job interviews.


  1. Career Protocol

Career Protocols is a career blog that was established to help you make a mark in the world through your career.


  1. Mike McRitchie 

This is a blog that focuses on helping you transition your career, stop ageism and living the life of your dreams.


  1. Marla Gottschalk

Dr. Marla Gottschalk, a Psychologist and blogger, shows you how to change your work life for the better.


  1. I’m Hired 

This is a platform where you are taught to get hired by teaching you how to write a CV, become interview-ready and get hired.


  1. Maggie Mistal

Maggie is a career consultant who has taken time to help you achieve an ideal career.


  1. Hire Imaging 

Hire Imaging is a career blog where you learn job search strategies and career management.


  1. Career Coaching 360

Career Strategist, Sherri Thomas, teaches on personal branding and how to change, reinvent and advance your career.


  1. Jane Jackson Careers

This blog provides guidance and coaching to help you advance your career.


  1. Job Search Master Class 

As the name implies, this platform is a job seeker’s master class to get free career advice.


  1. ForwardThink Careers

This serves as a good start for job seekers to help you find the job of your dreams.


  1. Pathfinder Careers

Pathfinders Careers provides career tips, career strategies, job search ideas and all career-related issues.


  1. Kerry Hannon

Author and Speaker, Kerry Hannon, provides a guide on finding the career of your dreams.


  1. MyJobMag

This is a job board in Nigeria to help job seekers in Nigeria find the latest vacancies.


  1. Cafe Career Coach

This blog focuses on helping you through all the ups and downs of your career.


  1. BizzeBobber

BizzeeBobber is a career blog that helps you help your kids discover their career and bring their dreams to pass.


  1. Coburg Banks

This blog focuses on helping companies recruit the best talents and grow their company.


  1. Reed

This is a career advice blog that provides job-seeking tips to help you love going to work on Mondays.


  1. The Muse

The Muse gives you career tips, advice and articles for your workday.


  1. TalentCulture

TalentCulture introduces the modern workplace, where talent meets culture to make the workplace flourish.


  1. Jobacle

This is a career blog where you find insight to make your work life better.


  1. Prolific Living

Prolific Living by Farnoosh Brock is a career blog that helps you lead a life of passion as a professional or business person.


Career decisions can be strenuous and we all can relate.

That is why it is refreshing that there are people that have taken time to provide information concerning career that we can feed on.

These top career blogs are websites you want to visit if you have questions about anything career-related

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