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Create Value Through Continuous Improvement!

Postgraduate Management Program in Corporate Finance is designed for a new generation of leaders, who face challenges of the diverse business environment while performing their everyday corporate duties. It equips the aspiring team of management professionals with an essential toolkit, allowing to achieve their targets better, faster, and more efficiently. It aims at discussing the most acute problems of corporate finance encountered by managers, giving a fresh insight into the operational and tactical decision making, training the most relevant techniques of data processing and presentation, honing leadership skills and providing a holistic picture of the development opportunities, without sacrificing the rigor of the academic education.


Primarily, the Program is designed for management professionals whose everyday business duties are not connected to advanced financial analysis or investment decision making (front office), but whose role requires a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts of corporate finance as well as a mastery of the most frequently utilized financial decision making tools.

The aim of the participants should be to deepen their knowledge of the general context of corporate finance, make acquaintance with the new financial problematic of the corporate world, train the most frequently used techniques of data analysis and presentation. In general, the program will benefit everyone dealing with operational and tactical decision making on everyday basis. It will provide tools to enhance the decision making process through detailed analysis and application of the best practices.



  • The program offers a unique combination of the cutting-edge theory with the hands-on experience.
  • The Program starts with fundamentals of corporate finance and gradually proceeds towards more complicated topics, allowing to cater for the requirements of a diverse audience representing different backgrounds and business profiles
  • The decision making tools are highly relevant for everyday practice and are tailored to the needs of the target audience.
  • The primary focus of the program is providing extensive knowledge in corporate finance, which encompasses such highly specialized topics as value-based management, mergers and acquisitions, enterprise risk management etc.
  • The program presents a toolkit of investment and wealth management which may be useful both at the working place and for personal financial planning.

Program is designed to meet the needs of management professionals having some experience, but aspiring to move higher and faster. Despite delving quite deeply into theory of corporate finance, the program is practically oriented and will help the participants to improve their operational performance. The upcoming career move may hinge upon particular skills: sometimes, it requires a rigorous training in quantitative techniques, and sometimes, a thorough understanding of the environment in which the company struggles to succeed.

The program is designed to offer a tailored toolkit and competence to those who are determined to acquire a competitive advantage on the job market. To make the program even more fruitful in terms of learning outcomes, we added concise modules in financial instruments and taxation, which in addition to being highly relevant in corporate environment, may turn out to be very useful for your personal financial planning.

Classes are conducted by high-profile industry professionals, who successfully merge advanced theoretical knowledge with its application.

Through immersive and comprehensive case studies and practical workshops, they create an authentic learning environment, which inspires participants, and challenges conventional knowledge. KU professors publish prolifically in highly ranked international journals, guest lecture abroad, and share their expertise by providing trainings to market practitioners.


The Program Curriculum is divided into 4 thematically related blocks:

1) Essentials;

2) Corporate Finance and Controlling;

3) Strategic Decision

4) Financial Markets.

What happens after I submit the form?

The on-line application is a step-by-step process. After filling out and submitting the initial form with your choice of study program, as well as your contact information, you should:

1) Receive an e-mail from us providing matching courses, duration of study programs and tuition from different universities.

2) You decide which university or program you prefer and we will proceed with your application with the chosen university

  • We process and evaluate your documents with the university and once all necessary criteria are met
  • pay recruitment fee in amount of 200 USD, using the on-line payments module.

3) Having done that, we send your recruitment fee and document to the university for.

  • This will take up to one week and wait for pre acceptance letter from the university. Our staff will contact you to request additional documents/information, if necessary.

4) If found eligible, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail with scanned pre acceptance letter to inform you that your appliaction has been successful

5) You should pay your tuition and service fee (250 USD) at this point, We will provide university bank account details to pay directly to the university and scan us a copy to confirm with the university. (Please note we do not accept tuition fees from students !) 6) Once this is done, and tuition is confirmed, university issues acceptance letter( Invitation) and sent by post (DHL/EMS).

7) Now you can apply for visa.


Don’t hesitate to contact our admission team anytime during the process, if you have any additional questions or if you would like to consult your individual application.

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Service fee

The service fee is one of the charges of the application process . It covers the costs of your admission, evaluation of documents, consultation and postal services as well as the costs of all related administrative services. Please note that Voguepay is our official online payment service provider.