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MBA Program

The enrolment process can be difficult and long but with our assistance and guidance we will make it easy from beginning till end. Each of the universities has their own application process and may require different documents depending on your field and level of study (graduate, post graduate or PhD).
In order to apply for MBA studies the candidate should send us copies of the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of the passport page with your photo and personal data.
  • Scanned copy of diploma of the MSc/BA or first higher education degree equivalent degree with supplement;
  • Scanned copy of English certificate confirming your knowledge of the language of instruction (English) – English language at level B1. All major certificates (IELTS, TOEFL, British Council FCE/CAE) test with score corresponding to that level basing on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) are accepted or formal letter confirming that the previous education was conducted fully in English.
    Note: The requirement does not apply to English native speakers or candidates for whom English was the language of instruction and examination at school.

  • Three to five year professional (management) experience
  • Basic knowledge of functional management areas
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • A letter of motivation
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Declaration of the future sponsor on the availability of funds
    Having difficulties getting some documents ? We will offer our professional assistance, Kindly email; contact@studyinginpoland.pl


  • What happens after I submit the form?

    The on-line application is a step-by-step process. After filling out and submitting the initial form with your choice of study program, as well as your contact information, you should:

    1) Receive an e-mail from us providing matching courses, duration of study programs and tuition from different universities.

    2) You decide which university or program you prefer and we will proceed with your application with the chosen university

    • We process and evaluate your documents with the university and once all necessary criteria are met
    • pay recruitment fee in amount of 200 USD, using the on-line payments module.

    3) Having done that, we send your recruitment fee and document to the university for.

    • This will take up to one week and wait for pre acceptance letter from the university. Our staff will contact you to request additional documents/information, if necessary.

    4) If found eligible, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail with scanned pre acceptance letter to inform you that your appliaction has been successful

    5) You should pay your tuition and service fee (250 USD) at this point, We will provide university bank account details to pay directly to the university and scan us a copy to confirm with the university. (Please note we do not accept tuition fees from students !) 6) Once this is done, and tuition is confirmed, university issues acceptance letter( Invitation) and sent by post (DHL/EMS).

    7) Now you can apply for visa.


    Don’t hesitate to contact our admission team anytime during the process, if you have any additional questions or if you would like to consult your individual application.

    You can contact our admission staff at the following phone number/e-mail addresses:

    Tel; +48579278094 e-mail: recruitment@studyinginpoland.pl

    Service fee

    The service fee is one of the charges of the application process . It covers the costs of your admission, evaluation of documents, consultation and postal services as well as the costs of all related administrative services. Please note that Voguepay is our official online payment service provider.