Study Management Degrees in Poland


  • The lecturers on management are outstanding scientists who often have extensive experience in business practice . Our lecturer is, among others prof. Grzegorz W. Kolodko – four-time deputy prime minister and minister of finance, as well as prof. Jerzy Cieślik – co-founder of the Polish branch of the Ernst & Young company and its president of the board.
  • A huge role in the study program is played by classes in the form of exercises and workshops. They allow practically applying concepts and strategic models through case studies in most cases describing real problem situations, strategic games, and simulation games .
  • Management students take an active part in the life of the university. They are co-organizers of scientific conferences, seminars, as well as meetings with famous and interesting people from the world of business, politics and science. They operate in numerous scientific circles, for example in the Student Marketing Club “KREATYNI”, the “SUCCESS” Scientific Circle of Entrepreneurship or in the “Human Resources Club”.
  • Companies and organizations in which management students hold apprenticeships include: Schneider Electric, On Board PR, Euro RSCG, L’Oreal, BOŚ Brokerage House, PKO SA Bank, Citi Handlowy, Ministry of Finance, Getin Noble Bank, Ernst & Young, Mercedes Benz.


During studies, you gain knowledge, skills and social competences, including in the field of:

  • rules governing the economy, economic markets and entities operating on them
  • creating projects and business plans
  • teamwork and communication within the organization and with the environment
  • preparation of a new ambitious and dynamic business venture
  • solving specific problems related to conceptualizing an idea, acquiring financial resources, creating a business plan, registering and starting a business
  • mechanisms for implementing and managing innovative projects in organizations
  • export transactions, as well as the principles of functioning and building strategic advantage on international markets
  • marketing of consumer, supply and investment products and services
  • development as well as implementation of marketing plans and strategies


After completing the studies in the field of management you can take a job:

    • in every enterprise, both state and private, as a project leader
    • in an advertising agency, a public relations company, in marketing offices of every business entity
    • in the sales departments of state and private companies
    • in the strategic planning and development departments
    • in human resources, human resources management departments of domestic and international production, commercial and service enterprises as well as in public administration
    • in consulting companies dealing with the selection and training of employees and the construction of modern human resource management systems
    • in Polish and foreign business entities as an assistant, quality manager, auditor of quality systems, management representative for the implementation and maintenance of the quality management system (required passing the exam before the committee of the Polish Center for Testing and Certification)
    • in logistic companies and logistics departments of selected companies
    • in your own company, implementing interesting, ambitious ideas in every industry and scope


  • Business management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing


    • The basics of law
    • Sociology and civil society
    • Making financial decisions
    • Management basics
    • Ethics
    • Information technology and use of databases
    • Conversatorium in English English
    • Theory of organization
    • Basics of psychology
    • Contemporary concepts of organization and management
    • Microeconomics
    • Finances
    • Basics of marketing
    • Basics of entrepreneurship
    • HR management
    • Management accounting
    • The functioning of the EU
    • Quantitative methods
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Macroeconomics
    • Economic law
    • Law with elements of commercial law
    • Professional presentations
    • Marketing research
    • Interpersonal communication and writing of texts
    • Business plan
    • Simulation decision games
    • Lecture to choose from
    • Bachelor’s seminar
    • Professional practice
    • English
    • Foreign Language II (only full-time studies)

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