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Architecture and Urban Studies at Vistula University is a four-year Engineer’s programme which will teach you how to shape your environment and make the space around you more beautiful and functional. All this thanks to practice-oriented classes and interdisciplinary knowledge of architecture, urban studies, and art.

This programme has been made with everyone who wants to have a real influence on urban space in mind. If you are creative, and want to turn your artistic visions into reality, Architecture and Urban Studies at Vistula University will help you gain the necessary knowledge and skills to have a career in this field.

By choosing this programme, you will learn the history of city-building, as well as the principles of shaping urban spatial, functional, transportation, and ecological structures, as well as space management’s best practices. All this will best prepare you as an Architecture (Engineer’s programme) graduate, to start your professional career.



The curriculum of the Architecture and Urban Studies programme has been designed, in collaboration with the Business Centre Club, the National Co-operative Council and Employers of Poland. The majority of the lecturers you will encounter over the course of the four-year programme, are architects and specialists, with long records of meaningful work. This ensures that, every day you will be able to learn from professionals, who will not only share with you knowledge about the latest technical solutions, but who also use these solutions in some of the most advanced architectural and urban projects.

A specialised faculty and a practical curriculum – this is why the next time you hear someone say Architecture – studies – Warsaw, the first thing that will come to your mind will be: Vistula University!


Vistula University is driven by its mission to share practical knowledge, and offers its students the opportunity to gain professional experience, when still in university. The Architecture and Urban Studies programme is no exception to this rule. University is the time when you take your first steps on the path to your dream career, and this is why the curriculum includes an internship. After the 1st and 2nd year, we guarantee three weeks of fieldwork and five weeks of diploma apprenticeship.


Studying at Vistula University will provide you with the knowledge necessary to quickly become an expert on architecture and urban studies.

  • List of obligatory classes
  • 1st Semester
    • Introduction to architectural design
    • Introduction to the theory of architecture
    • Introduction to CAD
    • History of architecture 1
    • Introduction to descriptive geometry
    • Introduction to mathematics – an introductory course
    • General construction and materials science
    • Hand drawing and engineering graphics
    • Information technologies – ECDL level (European Computer Driving Licence).
  • 2nd Semester
    • Preliminary design
    • Drawing and artistic techniques
    • Computer Assisted design 1 – visualisations
    • Modelling workshops
    • History of architecture 2
    • Ecology and energy-efficient technologies
    • Digital illustration 1
    • Construction 1
    • Construction mechanics
    • Foreign language / for architects
    • Sport and recreation
  • 3rd Semester
    • Architecture project
    • Drawing and artistic techniques
    • Computer Assisted design CAD 2 – visualisations
    • Introduction to urban studies
    • Digital illustration 2
    • Landscape architecture
    • History of Polish architecture 1
    • Construction 2
    • Constructions 1
  • 4th Semester
    • Architecture project 2
    • Drawing and artistic techniques 3
    • Elements of urban compositions
    • BIM design
    • Ergonomics
    • History of Polish architecture 2
    • Art and civilisation history
    • Construction 3
    • Constructions 2
  • 5th Semester
    • Architecture project 3
    • History of city-building
    • GIS project
    • Contemporary architecture 1
    • Construction physics
    • Interior design
    • Housing and city sociology
    • Psychology of perception
  • 6th Semester
    • Architecture project 4
    • Urban studies project 1
    • Theory of urban and rural studies
    • Contemporary architecture 2
  • 7th Semester
    • Architecture project 5 – sport
    • Photography for architecture purposes
    • Urban studies project 2
    • Utility systems
    • Organisation and economics of investment processes
    • Construction law
    • Ethics in architecture and copyright protection
    • Constructions 3
    • Construction 4 – detail work
    • Structure maintenance and modernisation
  • 8th Semester
    • BA seminar – thesis methodology
    • Graduation project
    • Graduation project – trade-specific agreements
    • Internship (12 weeks)


The Architecture and Urban Studies (Engineer’s programme) has been designed to best prepare you for professional work. After completion of eight semesters at Vistula University, you will be ready to create your own architectural designs. In addition to that, you will learn how to operate your own architecture firm, as well as the intricacies of intellectual property and copyright.

The programme emphasises practical skills, which in the case of Architecture and Urban Studies, involves learning specialised software necessary to complete projects.

After graduating, you will be a holder of the title of ‘B.Sc. Architect’.

See for yourself that Vistula is the best University in practice. Find out the benefits of studying Architecture and Urban Studies.


Ready to work

You will be ready to create your own individual architectural and urban designs. What is also important, thanks to the theoretical knowledge and skilful use of specialised tools, you will be able to work independently. You will learn how to apply the knowledge of construction and utility systems technologies, gained during your studies.

A business approach

You will learn how to manage and operate your own business, whilst knowledge of self-presentation and marketing will enable you ‘to stand out in the crowd’.

Global possibilities

A modern approach to global architectural trends, and knowledge of English architecture terminology, means that studying at Vistula University will open the doors to a career abroad.


Graduating with a degree in Architecture and Urban Studies will help you find work in various interesting places:

  • Design firms – as an architect.
  • Companies dealing in graphics, project visualisations, film graphics, computer games – 3D specialist.
  • Developer companies – assistant architect, trade representative, graphics designer.
  • City, Municipal, County offices – local authorities and professional chambers of architects, urban studies, and construction.
  • Theatre/television studio – designing and building set decoration for theatre plays, films, television programmes – assistant stage designer.
  • Construction companies – designer, trade representative.
  • Real estate management companies – assistant real estate broker.
  • Advertisement agencies – graphic designer.
  • Publishing houses – illustrator.
  • Companies designing everyday usage of tools and furniture – assistant designer.

What happens after I submit the form?

The on-line application is a step-by-step process. After filling out and submitting the initial form with your choice of study program, as well as your contact information, you should:

1) Receive an e-mail from us providing matching courses, duration of study programs and tuition from different universities.

2) You decide which university or program you prefer and we will proceed with your application with the chosen university

  • We process and evaluate your documents with the university and once all necessary criteria are met
  • pay recruitment fee in amount of 200 USD, using the on-line payments module.

3) Having done that, we send your recruitment fee and document to the university for.

  • This will take up to one week and wait for pre acceptance letter from the university. Our staff will contact you to request additional documents/information, if necessary.

4) If found eligible, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail with scanned pre acceptance letter to inform you that your appliaction has been successful

5) You should pay your tuition and service fee (250 USD) at this point, We will provide university bank account details to pay directly to the university and scan us a copy to confirm with the university. (Please note we do not accept tuition fees from students !) 6) Once this is done, and tuition is confirmed, university issues acceptance letter( Invitation) and sent by post (DHL/EMS).

7) Now you can apply for visa.


Don’t hesitate to contact our admission team anytime during the process, if you have any additional questions or if you would like to consult your individual application.

You can contact our admission staff at the following phone number/e-mail addresses:

Tel; +48579278094 e-mail: recruitment@studyinginpoland.pl

Service fee

The service fee is one of the charges of the application process . It covers the costs of your admission, evaluation of documents, consultation and postal services as well as the costs of all related administrative services. Please note that Voguepay is our official online payment service provider.